Fast-Tracks project proposal

FAST-TRACKS proposes the development and commercialisation of a low-cost telecommunications system, addressing the issues relating to the integration of a traditional Wi-Fi system into the railway technological infrastructure. In particular, the project aims at the design of a reprogrammable radio that is capable of supporting Wi-Fi, Cellular and LTE standards, and fosters and ensures convergence between automatic train control systems and telecommunications systems.

EPC or System Integrators

FAST-TRACKS radio represents a cutting-edge, high-quality and low-cost solution for wireless networks to be used in the transportation sector.

Cross-border, regional and urban operators

FAST-TRACKS radio optimises railway operation and enhances capacity on existing lines, resulting in evident economic benefits.


FAST-TRACKS radio improves the safety and security of passengers, enhances their comfort during travel, and provide them with multimedia services and connectivity

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Declaration of interest

Ansaldo STS declares his interest in research projects in the field of a low cost radio system that allows addressing the major telecommunication issues faced at the present in the integration of a traditional Wi-Fi within the railway technological infrastructure including extensive site works.

Key features of Fast-Tracks system


Establishing high-speed and reliable communication between the train and the wayside.


Supporting Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC).


Supporting VoIP services and Personal Information Systems (PIS).


Collecting CCTV (Closed-Circuit TV) data.


Giving a boost to preventive maintenance.


Improving travel experience.