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aprile 10, 2019

A futuristic technology: the Hyperloop

💠 Hyperloop is a new mode of passenger and/or freight transportation based on decreasing friction and increasing efficiency.

The Hyperloop system consists of large tubes built on pylons, with some ground level and underground segments as needed. Its concept operates by sending capsules inside the tubes by removing most of the air with vacuum pumps, which drastically reduces the drag forces.
In addition, it is automated with advanced technologies that only require monitoring from humans. Automation improves efficiency and reliability by enabling system elements to be in constant communication with each other and with operation control centers for near real-time response plans.


The first full-size capsule for Hyperloop passenger transport



💠 Utilizing a combination of existing and new technologies, the Hyperloop system will be both high-speed and resource-efficient, with a safe and comfortable experience for passengers and cargo.

 As part of the journey, the station has a crucial impact on passengers. Indeed, a next-generation station design to integrate transit with the local environment has been provided.
The Hyperloop station is energy-efficient, creating a transit hub for the community and most importantly an urban center. The dynamic uses of space include places where passengers can go to access services, experiences, and goods while other spaces are devoted to enhancing passengers’ psychological experience.


Speculative Hyperloop station’s design – from RB Systems



👉 And what about the speed? It seems to be just in the middle between a Concorde and a Boing 737, not so bad!

If the expected maximum speed will be delivered, the Hyperloop promises to revolutionize the travel experience.
Although it sounds fantastic, there are also several challenges to face: the first is that the cost of the technology and of the tube system is estimated in millions of dollars.

Compared speed of HyperLoop and airplanes and other means of transport



💠 In conclusion, Hyperloop is a hypothesis of futuristic technology that could be ready really soon. Fast-Tracks radio already supports Wi-Fi, Cellular and LTE standards, and the next generation will support also the data communications on the hyperloop trains.



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