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gennaio 18, 2019

The need for Mass Transit Wi-Fi

💠 It is not news that automobile traffic produces air pollution and chokes urban areas. On top of that, it wastes time. Mass transit might be one of the best options for change, in that it is more rapid and less polluting. Indeed, many people would ride mass transit if it was readily available, and many more would be […]

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dicembre 4, 2018

Future trends of Telecommunications within the Rail Sector

The telecommunications and rail sector may not seem linked, and yet, they share a lot of common history. They are both over 100 years old and the telecoms revolution actually came about also because of rail. Now, both the telecommunications and rail sector have been experiencing new challenges and opportunities. 💠 Over the last few years, the […]

Wireless Technologies
novembre 19, 2018

All in one: various wireless communication technologies to support railway signaling

Managing broadband data traffic, ensuring passengers’ safety and security during their journey, improving travel comfort, providing access to real-time multimedia information on board the trains and at the stations – these are just few of the challenges that train operators have been facing today for metro lines and light rail systems. For doing so, train […]

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