Work packages


Prototype improvements and list of additional requirements

The objective of this WP is to identify new functional and non-functional requirements meaningful for the improvement of the proposed platform. The result of this WP is the enhancement of the prototype with the addition of new features aligned with the requirements identified.


Final design of the radio network devices and development platform selection

The main goal of this work package is the design of a modular radio apparatus, with multi-service and multi-frequency features (Wi-Fi / LTE), designed to provide high-performance connectivity between mobile vehicles and fixed stations, in a resilient infrastructure (railway). The result of this WP is the hardware, firmware and software design of the radio platform and the selection of the development tools.


Implementation of the first set of radio prototypes

The objective of the WP3 is the development of a first set of prototypes of multi-radio devices, conceived to demonstrate the alignment to the basic requirements and to illustrate the features and capabilities of the whole platform. In detail, WP3 involves the development of the hardware equipment, the firmware layer and the software application. The result of this WP is the evaluation of the basic features of the whole prototype, focusing on hardware, firmware and software functionalities in order to implement corrective actions, before the mass production.


FAST-TRACKS radio industrialization and mass production

The main objective of the WP4 is to design the industrialization and mass production process for the development of the FAST-TRACKS radio. The result of this work package is the definition of a complete process that permits, from the prototype and the design documentation to reach the mass production of the several devices. The WP takes in account also the quality of the final device.


FAST-TRACKS radio integration and validation tests

The main goal of this WP is the definition of a testing chain that includes the hardware, firmware and software developed in the previous work packages. The execution of a validation procedure of the integrated product, involving the train- side radio, the wayside radio and the network controllers, completes the WP. A new architecture based on consolidated testing tools and solutions, is proposed to carry out end-to-end test campaigns for wireless devices.


Marketing and Business Development

The main objectives of the WP are:

  • establish a proven rout-to-market strategy that can be scaled;
  • build market recognition and brand awareness;
  • finalise commercial model with agreed pricing structures;
  • establish foundations for scaling global user base through partner programme.


Dissemination, Exploitation, Innovation Management and Communication

The overall objective is to communicate and disseminate the project’s findings and promote the results on a national and European level.


Project Management

The objectives of this WP are:

  • Effective coordination of project activities and maintenance of contacts with EC/EASME representatives;
  • Guarantee adherence of work to overall project plans, available resources and timing (Quality Assurance);
  • Monitor risks and undertake quality assessment of project progress, results and impact (Risk Management);
  • Provide ethical guidance throughout the project lifetime (Ethics and privacy).