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Comesvil s.p.a.

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Comesvil is an Italian company leading for over 30 years in the automation systems industry and ranking among the world major companies in the railway and telecommunication industry, providing engineered solutions, manufacturing and installing its products under its own supervision.

Comesvil was founded in March 1970. The company was created for the production of metallic carpentry and has grown over the last years by diversifying its production. At the beginning of the 80’s the company has successfully started, a part from the existing activities, the production of railway signalling and blocking systems (ACE – ACEI – ATC), the production of electrical and lighting systems for large areas and the installation of the materials produced. Nowadays, Comesvil is also focused on the production of traditional telecommunication and optical fiber systems (W-LAN, etc.) for the Italian Railway network (RFI) and national and international metros (traditional – driverless system) both in national and foreign markets.

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The company’s Mission is to develop advanced technologies in order to ensure growth and international competitiveness, increase its productivity by optimizing costs and resources. Comesvil makes efforts to improve the quality of its services and products, to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment and to prevent health hazards and grant the safety of its employees as well as of its clients. At the same time, the company aims to improve continuously its technologically innovative and economically competitive products and services to be in step with the new technologies.

Comesvil employs more than 100 staff, subdivided in engineers, technicians, administrative clerks, high-qualified partners with more than thirty years of experience, and skilled workers both internal and on construction site. At present there are: 57 FTE in Italy and 7 FTE in Denmark.