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novembre 19, 2018

All in one: various wireless communication technologies to support railway signaling

Managing broadband data traffic, ensuring passengers’ safety and security during their journey, improving travel comfort, providing access to real-time multimedia information on board the trains and at the stations – these are just few of the challenges that train operators have been facing today for metro lines and light rail systems. For doing so, train […]

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ottobre 19, 2018

Rail passengers’ priorities for Security

🚉 Rail passengers’ security is by far the most important aspect to explore when it comes to rail systems. Rail industry needs to focus on it in order to ensure that passengers’ perceptions of their security does not decline in a way that some passengers might choose not to travel by rail as a result. As [...]
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ottobre 3, 2018

Building a sustainable future: Fast-Tracks Comesvil at InnoTrans 2018

💠 160.000 trade visitors, 3.062 companies and institutions, 110 different countries, 1 common goal: create a smarter future for European mobility. Fast Tracks Comesvil has been among the partecipants at Innotrans 2018, the biggest world fair on railways market, with a focus on technologies and systems. In line with the Shift to Rail European Project, the biennial event, now [...]
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marzo 27, 2018

Our project in details: targets and benefits

We have already talked about the technical possibilities of the FAST-TRACKS radio, you can read about them in this post. Let’s see now how FAST-TRACKS can impact on different  targets, giving several benefits to each of them. As a premise, we remember that our solution is not a “general purpose” one, meaning that FAST-TRACKS is specifically […]

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febbraio 19, 2018

Fast-Tracks: an introduction to our project

In the first months of 2017, Comesvil defeated the competition of the European SME Instrument Fase 2 “Small Business Innovation for Transport and Smart Cities Mobility” competition, and had access to 1.7 million European Commission funds for the R & D project “FAST-TRACKS”.

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