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ottobre 19, 2018

Rail passengers’ priorities for Security

🚉 Rail passengers’ security is by far the most important aspect to explore when it comes to rail systems.

Rail industry needs to focus on it in order to ensure that passengers’ perceptions of their security does not decline in a way that some passengers might choose not to travel by rail as a result.

As a matter of fact, in July 2007, the research Passenger perceptions of personal security on the railways – Passengerfocus was conducted about what passengers wanted to see improved on the railway. This research highlighted issues such as value for money, punctuality and getting a seat but it also revealed the continuing importance of personal security.

👉 In particular, the research indicated that passengers’ concern regarding their security at the station is greater, despite the fact that most of them spend more time on the train than at the station.

Given the importance attached to the presence of staff at the stations, most passengers believe that stations should have CCTV installed as standard. Most passengers, though, believe that the role of staff should be complemented – not replaced – with technology.

👉 The FAST-TRACKS system is designed so as to transmit CCTV data packets from a train in motion to the wayside where they can be relayed to central monitoring equipment.

A high quality full-motion CCTV signal can be transmitted and the packets of such video signal are buffered to accommodate variations in transmission latency.

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