Sustainable Mobility

gennaio 18, 2019

The need for Mass Transit Wi-Fi

💠 It is not news that automobile traffic produces air pollution and chokes urban areas. On top of that, it wastes time. Mass transit might be one of the best options for change, in that it is more rapid and less polluting. Indeed, many people would ride mass transit if it was readily available, and many more would be […]

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ottobre 19, 2018

Rail passengers’ priorities for Security

🚉 Rail passengers’ security is by far the most important aspect to explore when it comes to rail systems. Rail industry needs to focus on it in order to ensure that passengers’ perceptions of their security does not decline in a way that some passengers might choose not to travel by rail as a result. As [...]
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ottobre 3, 2018

Building a sustainable future: Fast-Tracks Comesvil at InnoTrans 2018

💠 160.000 trade visitors, 3.062 companies and institutions, 110 different countries, 1 common goal: create a smarter future for European mobility. Fast Tracks Comesvil has been among the partecipants at Innotrans 2018, the biggest world fair on railways market, with a focus on technologies and systems. In line with the Shift to Rail European Project, the biennial event, now [...]
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giugno 21, 2018

The European railway system to support sustainable urban mobility

Transport plays a pivotal role within the European economy and society. Indeed, transport systems are of crucial importance for the competitiveness of any nation or regional economy as well as for the mobility of its citizens. However, while they bring significant benefits to society there are also substantial costs. The current growth of the transport [...]
Sustainable Mobility