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marzo 27, 2018

Our project in details: targets and benefits

We have already talked about the technical possibilities of the FAST-TRACKS radio, you can read about them in this post. Let’s see now how FAST-TRACKS can impact on different  targets, giving several benefits to each of them. As a premise, we remember that our solution is not a “general purpose” one, meaning that FAST-TRACKS is specifically developed for the railway market.

First of all, our project is targeting railways undertakings as well as institutions. If we’ll keep our promise of better and “uninterrupted communications between train and trackside”, we will be able to guarantee a higher capacity for train lines, with lower investments and running costs.

Than we have the rail supply industry: FAST-TRACKS is a low cost and reprogrammable radio. So system integrators will have the possibility to develop highly innovative products at lower costs.

Last, but absolutely not least, we have the general public. Here we talk about a generally improved safety and security given by a better train – infrastructure communications. And we talk about a finally improved wi-fi on board, which is higly expected from users but still often disappointing.

So, we can summarize targets and benefits with the image below:

…For more exciting news on our project, stay tuned with #RadioFast!

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